Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S and PS4 Pro

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Join the latest gaming generation

With the Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4; console gaming has entered a new level of visual fidelity and online play. Both consoles feature x86-based architectures, 8-core processors and 8GB RAM. Both also have Blu-Ray drives and GPUs that perform at over a teraflop. For those that don’t care about technical specs, this means games on the Xbox one console and the PS4 console are bigger, more immersive and more graphically stunning than ever before.

Which console will you choose?

Console gaming is not just about raw power. There are other apsects to consider. For instance, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also do more online; PS4 with its video-streaming Share button and RemotePlay, XB1 with it’s ever-popular Xbox Live and Windows 10 integration. There are also blockbuster games exclusive to specfic consoles, from PlayStation’s Uncharted to Xbox’s Halo. Controllers are more ergonomically designed than ever. The Xbox One controller features Impulse Triggers for dynamic force feedback while Sony’s DualShock 4 has a built-in touchpad for new play styles.

There’s still plenty of fun around on Nintendo consoles, too. With 3D imagery without the need for glasses and touch controls, the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS handheld family is packed with modern classics. The Nintendo Wii U home console offers unique new ways to play, with the tablet-style GamePad controller and a great selection of critically acclaimed HD titles.

It’s not all about the latest gen consoles either. The Xbox 360 and PS3 are still available and they’re still the place to play a vast library of classic games. And for gaming on the go, there’s the most powerful handheld console gaming around; the Sony PlayStation Vita.

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